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Here is Atticus' story from his mom's point of view. Atticus just recently celebrated his 12 year heart anniversary. Here we meet yet another strong child who overcame so many obstacles. Not only did he conquer a transplant, but he also had to fight cancer (PTLD), a common side affect after transplant. Help us raise money to go towards research to make transplant a cure so kids like Atticus don't have to cross any more hurdles than they already have!

12 years ago today, I remember.

January 24, 2008.

Our 120th day in PICU.

You were only 2-years old.

We were watching you slowly die.

You had a blood infection, you were septic.

We were completely helpless.

Your organs were shutting down, one by one.

You had so many chest tubes, your small body was punctured everywhere.

I signed a consent form so the next day the surgeon could crack you open, again.

No action plan. No details on the signed form.

The surgeon told us he was just trying to buy you time. 

Precious time.

I arrived home when I received the call.

Time stopped. Everything stopped.

We had a donor.


Possibility that you may live, you may survive.

Unstoppable tears flowed down my cheeks, and then came the realization.

Somewhere, another family was saying goodbye.

Processing the gift of your life, with the death of another.

12 years ago today, I will never forget.

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