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Britton is 5 years post-transplant! Like any medically fragile child our journey has been unique - full of challenges, unknowns, highs and lows.


Britton was diagnosed in utero with CHD and we knew she would require immediate intervention at birth. Our family re-located 10 hours from home to have access to an incredible team of professionals. Although, we knew transplant was a possibility in Britton’s lifetime we did not expect the complexity of her condition to lead her to be listed in the first month of her life.


Britton was born with Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome and required several life-saving interventions and surgeries which ultimately helped bridge her fragile body to a successful heart transplant at 3 months of age!


Two weeks following transplant, we were officially discharged and began life outside of the hospital. After 7 months away from home, we were comfortably able to return to our small community to continue outpatient care.


We are so grateful to have Britton home and healthy. At one time we felt transplant was “our last resort” and couldn’t possibly be as amazing as it is. Our day-to-day routine is different than before, but overall we have been so lucky to live a very normal life. We cherish our second chance at life and gift Britton received every day. We just wish transplant was a cure – and hope that in Britton’s lifetime it may be.


Today, Britton is an energetic, fun-loving, witty and compassionate kid. She love riding her bike, skating, swimming, running and keeping up to her older sister! She inspires us to love and appreciate the little things and to live in the moment whenever possible.

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