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Nash was born in 2017 with a heart defect and had his first heart surgery at 15 days old. The doctors tried their best but at 5 months old, his parents had to do CPR on him in their living room. At 7 months old, he went to Edmonton for a Cardiac Cath and they found out that he was in severe heart failure. His parents were told numerous times that he might not make the week, night or even the next procedure.


Through determination and stubbornness Nash powered through, and after 3 more heart surgeries, including one that put him on a mechanical heart, Nash was placed on the Heart Transplant waitlist.


One beautiful fall day in 2018, Nash received his new heart and after 9 months of living in Edmonton, 7 of which he was not even able to leave the PCICU, Nash was able to go home to Regina Saskatchewan. Every day, his parents thank his donor and his donor’s family.


Without pediatric heart transplant research, Nash would not be here, living his best life, painting, running, jumping and talking up a storm.

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